Monday, July 21, 2014

The Judgement Is Come

The Hour is well at hand. Men have pushed and cajoled their way into the hearts of men, for the sake of violence. Violence against the truth, violence against the poor and violence against the creatures of the earth. The love of money has taken root in the dealings of the nations of all the earth; all nations are found guilty before The One True Godhead. The love of money has taken root in the distribution of foodstuffs with the cruel and greed driven slaughter of animals. The love of money has taken root in the imprisoning of men. The love of money has taken root in the medical care of humanity.

This is only the tip of the spear. Krishna will come with fierce judgement against the rich; for they have all lavished themselves with wealth, such as is NOT their own. They have all stolen through the taxation of the peoples of the earth. They have become drunk with "the blood" of the earth. Let them that have ears listen. Let the poor rejoice, for The Judgement Of God is coming quickly. The love of money has taken root in the dealings of All The Kingdom Of God. They who are supposed to defend the poor have taken up the stance of Cain saying, "Am I My Brothers Keeper?" They will be the first to pay for turning to the company of this world. They will answer Me for exploiting the poor to get gain.

This is The Word Of Yah; and now comes His Judgement against the rich and the gainsayers, who banish the poor into prison houses; who feast on the slaughtered foul and stricken beasts of the fields. Souls who mock the gentle and the non violent. Krishna will fiercely punish them with the same punishment they have exacted upon the innocent and the helpless creatures of the earth. The Lord has given the foul of the air, as well as the beasts of the field for the nourishment of humanity; but not for greedy, cruel exploitation. He will cause these souls to be devoured by the same beasts they so carelessly murdered. They loved their pets, like their own children, but had no care for the meat on their plates.

Thus Saith Yah: "I will come so quickly against you that you will be unable to collect yourselves and you will be destroyed. You will be thrown back into nature as the same elements you indulge. I will put your faces in the mud and smother you so that you cannot breathe. I will cause you to be like insects, dying over and over again. I will thrust you into the spiders den again and again, causing you to love your own agony, thus to be repeated over and over, until I am satisfied. How long do you think that may take? I am Yahveh and I will never forget My Judgement until justice is served." Amen Ra

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