Monday, April 15, 2013

The Lord First

Whatever we do in life, life's purpose must be our central focus; no matter who we are or what our beliefs are. For me, Krsna must be the work, the goal, the dream. Why? Because HE IS REAL!!! He can hear your thoughts as you read this, he can see what is most important for YOUR life and he wants to help you find a way to carry out your own destiny. Many people ask, "why do I need to follow him for him to help me?". The answer to that question is simple and once we realize it, our lives will change forever! Krishna Vasudeva wants us to realize that HE is our provider; that he alone has the power to fulfill all our goals and dreams. Simply put, he wants the glory for the things that we accomplish in life.

Of course the lord takes care of all creatures, but those who serve him diligently, (by whatever name) receive his blessing, his protection and his prosperity. I offer my life to Krsna daily, rejoicing that I have come to know him in his Original Form, as Krishna Syamasundara. He is The Father Of Jesus Christ, who alone reveals the father as he truly is. It is a matter of disciplic succession. Jesus, who is Brahma The Creator was the first to glorify Krishna, therefore the true perfection of saints is found through Jesus Christ. He alone is seated at the right hand of The Father and chooses who will see him.

Of course if one prays to "God" by whatever name, he will bless and give spiritual comfort; and as one devotes unto that cause, the father is very pleased and they are led along the versatile path to truth and righteousness. The truth on this page is pure logic. God does not care what we call him, but he does nonetheless, have an original form and requires a seeker to find the truth by the disciplic succession of the saints. Brahma is The Head Of Krishna's Body, therefore we must come by Christ, His Son. May those who are seeking The Truth find it here and be blessed with the glorious love of God.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

To Love Krishna

Loving Krsna is all that matters. Why would I say this? Simple, because Krsna is the only god who says, "When they worship various gods, or even the one without a second, (second to none) they are in fact worshiping Me". What a logical statement and yet no other god makes such claims. They only claim that "THEY" are The One and whoso follows NOT will fail in all things. Only Krishna Vasudeva is the all merciful, the all patient and the all loving lord of creatures.

Of course he comes in many forms like Jesus Christ, Brahma, Buddha or Shiva; but Krishna alone is The All Seeing, All Knowing Father; even He who is watching you and me and every soul at every moment. All other forms are lower forms of the same god, Krsna. Whenever and wherever there is a decay in morality, He comes to restore true righteousness and virtue to the earth. He does the same on all worlds where there is intelligent life. Furthermore all forms serve and worship His Human Form, who is The Original God.

To love Krsna, one merely need repeat his Holy Name, respecting Hare Krsna, (His Highest Form) Rama and Krsna Vasudeva, His best forms on earth in the last ten thousand years. They are best because He comes as He really is and leaves His Followers remembering and loving him forever and ever. Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Jesus, Buddha and Sankara are most important among his recent forms on earth. ALL of these teachers t
aught love and truth. To draw close to Krsna, we must sincerely and deliberately chant his holy names in this manner:

hare rama hare rama
rama rama hare hare
hare krsna hare krsna
krsna krsna hare hare